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Agosh Sultan-ul-arifeen yateem trust provide parental care to those children who have lost their parents and help destitute families to make them self-reliant.

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Reason of Helping


Homes For Orphans.

To open homes for orphans and to provide them free educations, lodging & boarding.


Mass Marriage

To establish marriage burea for arranging mass low cost marriages for poor sections of the society


Financial Assistance

To offer schalorship or financial assistance to poor meritorious students to continue studies.

About Us

This trust shall have non-political and non-secretarian charcter it shall not any case be affilated with ang party or orginisation that has a political or religious background. Agosh ensures that it remains a non-political from and it is binding on its trusties to remain away from political or other activities that violates the law of the land.

No doubt, the orphange is not a solution of the problem of oprphanhood but the present turmoil produced an army of prphans and 70% of these orphans are destitute who lost the main care taker and also the source for their education and upbringing..

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