To open homes for orphans

To open homes for orphans

To open homes for orphans and to provide them free educations, lodging boarding and fullfill teir basics needs and homes for destitute, the blind and other type of handicapped people. Upbringnging and education to opphan and destitute children. We also provide Schooling Supports in the shape of sponsorship to the orphan children who are with their respective families

Wedding kits to orphan and destitute girls

Marriage are more difficult and expensive for poor and orphans in the name of cutoms, fashion and modernization resulted in a huge number of young ones who have attained the age of marriage particulaly girls who are not able to bear the expenses of so called modern marriages. though these ridicule cultural norms were not prevalent in our society but unfortunatly we have imported these things from other socities, particularly in islam the nikkah must be very simple and easy to perform. The customs like dowery and other related burdens of modern marriage have also forced people to late marriage which have its own demerits like infertility etc

Home Support Project

Home Support Project

The project was sarted in 2011 the aim of this programme is to fulfill nutritional requirement of a poor/widow headed hosehold who do not earn enough to give proper nutrition to their children which is necessary for developmemt of the education of a child. It also aim to present child labour so that once of earning of food and other basic needs does not fall on the children and they can go to school and continue their education. At present 40 families are covered under Home Support Project. The house items given to the families include rice clothes cooking oil and hygene items etc

Community Contact Programe(medical Camps blood donation camps)

Medical and health checkups camps are conducted from time to time in agosh for maintaining the health of the children who lives there. Beside children and old aged living in the neighbourhood of the Agosh are also encourgaed to visit the camp, so that specialist doctors can check their health problems. Agosh also organize blood donations camps in colabration with goverment hospitals and blood banks. During the blood donation camp volunters associated with agosh and comman public come forward to donate blood. We are also providing free mediacal facilities to poor and needy people. We are also providing free counselling and medicine to psychaitric patients.

Sultan Memorial Vocational Center

Sultan memoraial vocational center has been recently started by agosh for the under previleged students who want to learn vocational skills to enhanace their employment opportunities. Students already like to Agosh are also enrolled in the programe who wish to learn vocational skills besides their normal education. Unemployment girls are trined by istructors for cutting and tailoring. At present two courses are tought in the center like basis computer education three months & six months courses. Tailoring course for girsl cutting and stitching.

Continous Education Support Programme

for the bright students who qualify class 10th examination and really keen to continue their academic pursuits. Agosh provides continous education support to such children with in this programme agosh provides higher secondary/ collage fee and also tution fees and books to make this programme strong. Agosh links children with private acadamies and professors some of them teach the children free of cost.

Free Legal Aid

Agosh is providing free legal aid to widows and poor section of the society we help widows & orphans by providing lawyers when they are in need.

Feeding the needy

Agosh is feeding the needy families. It is a hige programe by which a hudge number of families are being provided dictary on the monthly basis to make sure that at least these families can survive with honar and dignity. The dictary assistance is being provided to the families where there are school going children the items distributed and their respective amount are as follows

# Item Quality
1 Rice 30 Kgs
2 Edible oil 4 Kgs
3 Salt 5 Kgs
4 Turmeric 500 gms
5 Chili Powder 500 gms
6 Detergent 5 No.
6 Soap 5 No.
7 Candle 1 Box
8 Match Box 1 Box
9 Salt tea 500 Gms

Under Construction Hostel.

he management of the Agosh purchased land for hostel(boys) & masque near tayota ansari national highway parimpora fruit mandi srinagar. Management oaid 50% of the total cost of land to seller and 50% amount is balance. Management has plan to construct Ttwo storey building 14 rooms, Dining hall and masque. So we Apeal general public to donate open heartedly to our organization